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Types of Ostomies.

On this page I am going to attempt to give you a very basic overview of the different types of ostomies. Keep reading…


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  1. I am not replying to anyone’s quarry or suggesting anything but asking someone here who had experienced illeostomy reversal, 6 months after carrying the bag!!
    I had a colorectomy to remove a metastic growth very near to my rectum, because of the reconstrution surgery after the removal….., my colon was to remain inactive until all healed-up well. It took six months before my doctor decided to reverse the illeostomy. My 6 months went with out a hitch and I functioned as if I didn’t have a bag. But now it has been two weeks plus that my illeostomy has been successfuly reversed. But, since then I am having problem with the waste to leave the body. The problem is that from the very first time, after the reversal, when I went to the washroom… I had to deal with diarhea for few days as it was expected according to the doctors because the colon didn’t work for six month and had to get back in shape and it may take few weeks. I understood that very well and accepted the reasoning. But now that the diarhea is no more a concern, I have an another problem, which is the partial swelling of the anus on one side and each time I need to go for a discharge I end up bruising it to the point that it bleeds a little and burns for hours. I have been to my doctor, he asks me to be patient for it is all very new. My pharmacist has recommended an hemorrhoidal ointment but that too dosn’t seem cool off the burning and itching. If anyone has a remedy for my condition, please feel free to advise me at the given address. Thank you. saaz_17@hotmail.com

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