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Nehal’s surgery by the third week of June.

Baby at Apollo Hospital in need of help
“An eleven-month-old baby, Nehal, is fighting for his life at the Apollo hospital in Delhi.”

I wanted to inform that, at last long awaited surgery of ailing baby “Nehal” is now slated to be performed on 24th June. As we all aware that the surgery is most complicated let us pray to the almighty that the efforts of the “Dr. Subash Gupta’s, team will be successful”.

Nehal has been battling chronic jaundice since he was born. He has been admitted to the hospital. Nehal is responding well and is gaining weight. We all are wishing for Nehal to be healthy so that his surgery can be performed.

His doctors at Apollo hospital are performing his operation free of cost.
Nehal’s surgery by the third week of June will be done by one of the best liver transplant surgeon “Dr Subash Gupta”.


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